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Benefits of Attending This Course

Effective listening is essential to developing emotional intelligence. The Power of Listening course is designed to improve participants' personal, social, and professional social and leadership skills to meet the emerging trend toward more inclusiveness, understanding, and satisfaction in all aspects of life.


The skills featured in this course can assist participants by enhancing and building their careers and developing lasting and more effective relationships with their coworkers, colleagues, teams, supervisors, customers, clients, vendors, and the general public.

Among the professional benefits are the positive impact on:

  • Career-building
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Human resources
  • Marketing/sales
  • Customer/client/patient services
  • Caring professions
  • Service professions
  • Government
  • International relations


This course provides powerful tools participants can put to immediately to enhance their emotional intelligence — further strengthening their connections to others in a broad range of social settings.

Social benfits include enhanced social connections with:

  • Coworkers, colleagues
  • Social group members (including online relationships)
  • Neighbors
  • Education faculty and staff
  • Advocacy representatives
  • Citizen group members
  • Faith group adherents
  • International connections
  • New acquaintences
  • Those with challenging behaviors


The skills in this course can strengthen personal relationships — improving connections to one's life partner, children, other family members, or people entering one's life.

Benefits can enrich many types of personal relationships, including:

  • Romantic/intimate partners
  • Spouses/life partners
  • Divorced/former life partners
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Extended family members
  • Friends
  • Personal connections
    with those facing daunting life challenges (such as a financial crisis, divorce, serious health issues, loss of loved ones)

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